4/20 Celebration — Here’s How To Celebrate At Home

Over the years, informal observances of our favorite cannabis holiday have transformed into legally recognized and permitted events—some of which hosting 10,000+ celebration observers. With the current pandemic, this year will be a little different but there are still plenty of reasons—and ways—to celebrate. 

  • Attend a Virtual Party

The coronavirus pandemic may have canceled some of the festivals celebrating this beloved holiday—but the internet is allowing people from around the globe to still connect. 

  • The 514 Community’s “Biggest Virtual 4/20 Event In Canada”

Quarantine shouldn’t prevent people from getting together to celebrate this favorite holiday, which is why the biggest 514 online gatherings have been created. Montreal’s 514 community is responsible for this #RestezChezVous event. The party will take place on Facebook live, will start at 4:20 p.m., and will feature Montreal artists, comics, and musicians. 

Curtesy: Culture 514
  • Haus Of Jane 4/20 Celebration

This event is female-centered and is a virtual meet up by three women-led groups. Women Empower in Cannabis, White Buffalo Events, and Tokeativity joins to bring cannabis celebrations to your living room. The celebration will feature industry speakers, a cannabis flower painting lesson, and a yoga session led by Ganja Yoga founder, Dee Dussault. Interested participants will be required to register, and ticket prices run from $0 to $25. 

  • 4/20 World Record

California-based cannabis entrepreneur Tony Diepenbrock will be hosting a virtual Zoom conference. RSVP at for your chance to be one of the 1,000 people joining the Zoom call—which will hopefully set the world record for the most people consuming cannabis on a video chat.

  • Listen To A Free 4/20 Concert

Free live music via Instagram and Facebook live have become all the rage these days—and 4/20 is no exception. 

  • One World: Together At Home

The best music event isn’t on 4/20 but could be a good way to kick off celebrations a little early. Global Citizen and the World Health Organization have partnered to bring together acts like Billie Eilish, Elton John, Eddie Vedder, Alanis Morissette, Lizzo, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder—and many, many more. 

  • Nightmares On Wax

On April 20th, renowned DJ Nightmares On Wax will perform live for a 4/20 celebration special from his iconic studio in Ibiza. Check him out on Instagram to keep up-to-date and find out when he’ll go live. 

  • Higher Together

Get ready for the world’s largest virtual 4/20 music celebration. Featuring sessions from home as well as live music and comedy, this event will include the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Joey “CoCo” Diaz, Billy Ray Cyrus, Tycho, and Berner. Tickets are by donation and will support The Last Prisoner Project. 

Get Creative

zoom conference call

Nothing on this list tickles your fancy, get creative. If 4/20 is one of your favorite holidays, use this year as a challenge to make it extra special. 

  • Start A Zoom Smokeout

Want to connect with friends and celebrate this special holiday together? Send everyone a Zoom link and enjoy a virtual smokeout from the comfort of your respective homes. Have friends that live abroad? Even better—when’s the last time you shared a joint (or a few) with people living thousands of miles away? *For legal reasons, it’s probably best that everyone who is on video is in an area where cannabis is permitted.

  • Binge Watch All Your Favorite Marijuana Movies

Spend next Monday inside wrapped up in your coziest blanket with snacks at the ready, and plan for a marathon of all your favorite marijuana movies. Your list would obviously be based on personal preferences, but we’d like to recommend Half Baked, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Pineapple Express, How High, The Big Lebowski, and Dazed and Confused. 

  • Celebrate With A New Cannabis Culinary Creation

Use the extra time at home to don your cooking apron and make some edibles. Never baked with cannabis before? 4/20 could be the perfect day to start! Grab a box of brownie mix, whip up some cannabutter, and voila! This guide can help you out if you’re lost.  

Feeling more ambitious? We’re digging this Cannabis-Infused Lasagna recipe—it’s healthy, comforting, and offers a whole new meaning of the term ‘baked lasagna’. Cannabis fried chicken recipes are also easy to come across—if you’re in the mood for something quicker and juicier. 

Happy celebrations!

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