8 Gifts For Your Loved Ones This Valentine’s

We at Calm Collectiv know that cannabis and love go together perfectly, so it’s only natural that in the second officially legal Valentine’s Day in Canada we share our favorite CBD and cannabis gift to shower your loved one with this February 14th. 

The market is flooded with thousands of new CBD and Cannabis gift products every month, so which are best? We’ve done the leg work for you and handpicked our favorites. Read below for some quick, easy and high quality picks to give to your Valentine this month. 

Chowie Wowie Chocolate

chowie wowie chocolate cannabis cbd

A time-honored tradition, chocolates can really set the Valentine’s Day tone for you and your loved one – maybe that’s a partner, or that could even just be you, yourself! From Canada-based company, High Park, this latest infused cannabis chocolate product packs a dose of 10 mg of THC per bar or 5 mg per piece and ships all across the country for your convenience. 

Inside each package, you’ll be treated to two delicious pieces of smooth milk chocolate. Looking for something different? The brand also boasts a great and fruity-line of CBD and cannabis gift gummies that can help get you lifted this February 14th.

Cost: $5.99 CAD

Verde Vie Customizable “Cannabag”

verde vie cannabis and cbd cannabag

The gift of choice is often the best gift. Meet Verde Vie, a Montreal-based brand that gives you a beautifully crafted “cannabag” that serves as the base of a new green-forward experience. Verde Vie, which means “Green Life” is a brand that is building towards a greener way of living. 

Their multi-purpose, reusable and re-sealable bag provides your valentine and cannabis-lover a fresh and discrete approach to what could be their favorite pastime. Start off by picking your bag, then choosing from a wealth of accessories and cannabis essentials. From pre-rolls to scissors and lighters to sleep masks, stash sets and rolling trays, you can outfit your loved one with everything they need! 

Cost: $50.00 CAD +

Tokyo Smoke Heirloom Stack Pipe

tokyo smoke stack pipe

Bringing together the beauty of function and form into one beautiful product, this pipe will evoke thoughts of Venus and Aphrodite for your Valentine’s Day. Not just a pipe, but a beautiful blend of an ashtray, grinder, and pipe, this piece will look beautiful in your house and be a joy to smoke your favourite cannabis strain.

Brought to you by Toronto’s darling, Tokyo Smoke, this delicate, stunning and sleek piece can bring an extra bit of class to your V-day smoke sesh. 

Cost: $195.00 CAD

Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen 

edibles small bites book cannabis

What’s a better way than enjoying food together on Valentine’s Day? This cookbook is packed full of recipes for weed-Infused treats and sweet and savory cannabis recipes. This book brings together old favorites like the weed brownie but goes beyond by offering a more “elevated” version. Favorites include Spiced Superfood Truffles and Cardamom Caramels. 

If you happen to get too high to make your dinner reservation, this book can save the day and add a little extra to your special day.  

Cost: $27.00 CAD

“Love Your Selfie” Valentine’s Day Bundle

love your self cannabis cbd

Meet your self-help, V-Day care bundle, brought to you by the CBD Skin Care Company. Bringing a level of calm and self-care to your special day. Feel clean, calm and refreshed before heading on your Valentine’s Day plans, or stay in and enjoy the elevated cannabis-infused experience. 

This bundle comes with the Peppermint Soap Bar, Shea Butter Body & Foot Cream, and Exfoliating Cleanser.

Cost: $75.00 CAD


calm cbd sray

Toronto brand Calyx Wellness brings another winning product, Calm, that can help you unwind for Valentine’s day. Touted as an easy solution for those who are looking for a more convenient, on-the-go way of dosing, the spray features flavors of peppermint, lemon-lime, and spearmint. 

This oral spray can help you bring a new sense of peace and awareness to not only your February 14th, helping you be present for your loved one, but also can help you calm for the entire year. 

Cost: $76.49 CAD

Dosist Arouse Vape Pen

arouse cbd and cannabis vape pen

Love engaging in couple-inhalation of cannabis? This product will be perfect for you! The Arouse vape pen by Doist is a great way to spark the mood this Valentine’s Day. Boasting a 10:1 ratio of both tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to cannabidiol (CBD), the vape pen and included extract is built for relaxation.   

These Doist pens were named Time magazine’s list of best inventions of 2016 – and have become a mainstay in cannabis use over the last few years! Grab one today. 

Cost: $100 USD

OM Rose Geranium Epsom Salt

om cbd body salts

Self-care has never felt so good. There are hundreds of good reasons why you may choose to soak in a hot bath… and by adding THC-infused bath salts to the mix, you can increase the great benefits of an already soothing and relaxing practice. 

These bath salts by OM have been carefully crafted to bring you further into relaxation with scents of rose and geranium, it boasts 25 mg THC and 25 mg CBD.

Whether the bath is for you and another person, a book or you and a podcast, an infused bath for two is the perfect way to relax your body and spirit.

Cost: $21 USD

These products are only the tip of the iceberg! With them, you can make sure to make this Valentine’s Day your most special yet. 

Make sure to check out our other CBD and cannabis gift reviews. And if you’d like to take your significant other out then check out our fine dining article!

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