Artist Profile: Benny Bing

Benny Bing is a self-taught Toronto based artist of Nigerian descent. His passion for portraiture illuminated through the use of complimenting acrylic hues has built him a great following. His ability to capture the emotion on each of his subjects faces shines through in each piece. Bing’s cool reoccurring colour palate has built great depth in distinguishing his brand.

Benny Bing

Benny has shown in 6 major solo shows and several group exhibitions, alongside such artists as Fucci, Sandra Chevrier and Pure Evil. He has also been shown at major art fairs in Toronto and Miami. Benny Bing has produced commissions for Dave Chappelle, The Weeknd and Milos Raonic. His works are currently housed at The Norman Rockwell Museum in Massachusetts, The Bartholomew Condominiums, Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment Headquarters in Toronto and can be found in private collections worldwide.

We sit down with the artist and discuss his origin story, inspirations, and relationship with CBD.

Benny Bing | Artist Statement

The act of painting is a conversation between the work and me. My creative output is constantly evolving. Each piece pushes me against limitations and boundaries I’ve given myself, consciously or unconsciously, inspiring and forcing growth and a break from comfort, allowing exploration of self-discovery and boundless vision.  

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Benny Bing profile

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