Casting call: Become the host of a Cannabis review show

What do you do when you’ve got the charisma to engage an audience, but you just don’t have the makeup skills to become a beauty guru, the focus to make it as a Fortnite streamer, or the nerve to prank your friends 24/7? 

Well, if one thing you do have is a love for cannabis, Leafly might have the perfect opportunity for you. 

Leafly, known as world’s largest cannabis information resource, is launching a new product review show, and they’re looking for two hosts to take it on. 

“This would naturally be a dream role for anyone who is passionate about cannabis,” says Jo Vos, Managing Director at Leafly Canada. “But also for those with on-air talent who are looking for a big break.”

Cannabis review show

Leafly was founded in 2010 as a destination for cannabis consumers to learn which products are the right fit for them. The site informs and educates medical marijuana patients and adult recreational consumers about products available on the legal cannabis market, from strains and concentrates to vaping, smoking, and storage equipment.

While browsing products and strains, consumers can connect with stores that carry what they’re looking for and doctors available in their area.

On top of their informational articles and extensive strain directory, Leafly produces video content in the form of product spotlights, strain reviews, and explainers. This new show will be an opportunity for consumers to keep up with the world of cannabis.

“Cannabis can be overwhelming for a lot of Canadians and we want our audience to be able to navigate the space with confidence,” says Vos. “By taking them on a journey of discovery, led by our two hosts.”

“We’re on the hunt for connoisseurs and novices alike and can’t wait to start rolling,” she says. 

The casting call is open to anyone 19 years old and over, old-time weed experts and amateur cannabis enthusiasts alike. If you’re interested in all things cannabis: strains, gear, and edibles, you could be the one. 

The show will have two hosts, so you can apply solo or bring a buddy along and showcase your on-screen chemistry. 

If you think you can be the next on-screen cannabis expert, apply online before it’s too late. To do so, you’ll need to record a 30 to 60 second audition tape, fill out an application form, send it in by Aug. 25 at 11:59 p.m., and hope for the best! 

Good luck!

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