The Summer Of Cannabis: Things to do in Toronto

The recreational use of cannabis has been legalized. Being the completely law abiding citizen that you are, you’ve held off smoking weed or eating marijuana edibles until after October 17 of last year- right?

Toronto’s list of “cannabis entertainment” began even before it was fully legal, and now that Canadian’s have had over 6 months to possess, smoke, and grow marijuana, the entrepreneurs and store-owners of Toronto have even further expanded to include smoker-friendly entertainment. We break down all of the hottest venues, stores, and places to be in the Greater Toronto Area this year, and how you can explore cannabis at your own pace at each of them. Starting with … 

Where to get cannabis products from:

WeedMaps– This is a website that connects cannabis delivery services and storefronts with potential users (who are of age, of course!), displaying business hours, location if applicable, promotions on supplies, and store menus. Each respective business on WeedMaps will ask for your ID before you place your order. Allow for 1-2 hours for delivery services! 

Dispensaries- There are 5 government-licensed dispensaries in the Greater Toronto Area, including a Canadian franchise “Tokyo Smoke” which is located at 333 Yonge St, and “The Honey Pot” in Downtown. Both of these stores have aesthetics that resemble the minimalism and organization of an Apple store, and less of a drug store. 

Where to smoke/eat it: 

Since edibles are discreet and don’t attract the same attention that smoking cannabis does, you can ingest it at any venue. As for smoking it, there are Toronto cannabis-essentials like The Hotbox Lounge and Planet Paradise that serve as venues for BYO-cannabis, but in a bar-like setting. The Hotbox Lounge has a photo-worthy patio that will leave you feeling like you’re in the backyard of a country house, and not in the heart of the city, and Planet Paradise is a vape lounge that is more sleek and minimalist, feeling like a high-end club or bar. 

Toronto and Cannabis

There are many parks and views in Toronto that make great places to smoke and ingest your cannabis- like Trinity Bellewoods and the Harbourfront. At the Harbourfront, walk down to the docks and watch the planes leave and arrive at Billy Bishop Airport! 

Now, onto the munchies: 

Smoke or eat cannabis

One of the big city perks during the summer is FOOD TRUCK SEASON! This means a different food festival to hit up every weekend with good eats and better drinks to satisfy your post-smoke cravings. Summerlicious 2019 begins on July 5, and brings you prix-fixe menus at your favourite Toronto restaurants, along with the new and trendy restaurants in the food scene. Other highlights across the GTA include the Mississauga Pierogi Festival, the Toronto Pizza Festival, and the Ontario Oyster Festival

Keep the Party Going! 

The Journey Festival, Toronto’s first ever legal cannabis music festival, is coming to Vaughan this summer. The headliners are yet to be announced, but Wasaga Beach’s Electric Elements Festival Organizer Jean-Paul Piacente will be in charge of the talent for that weekend. Each night is planned to have a different theme music, making it inclusive for all! A cannabis “village” will be set up, but just for informational purposes, as it is a strictly BYO-cannabis event. 

Or slow it down … 

Cannabis and yoga

With some ganja yoga. Inside of Conscious Consumption, a head shop, there’s a yoga studio called The House of Yoga that is not only cannabis friendly, but has classes for users and for people who choose not to consume any cannabis before class. The studio focuses on the relaxation part of yoga, and encourages its practitioners to do so too. 

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