Rainer and Grimm | Cannabis And The Musical Process

Rainer and Grimm are Toronto-based musicians who’ve been melding the sounds of RNB and House for years. Together, their resume boasts an impressive list of work- from sound engineering to co-writing tracks with the likes of The Weeknd and Drake. Though that’s not this duos claim to fame. They rose to prominence within the EDM scene with their remix of Sam Smith’s ‘Stay with Me‘ – which has accrued over 5 million streams on Soundcloud.

Note: ‘Different Kind Of Love’ is a staple on the Calm Collectiv office playlist.

We were lucky enough to catch their process in action as they built a track from scratch with a little bit of cannabis’ creative assistance.

Be sure to keep up with Rainer and Grimm’s latest releases on their Soundcloud, and follow them on Instagram for information on all their upcoming tours.

For more information on cannabis and the creative process, check out our article!

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