Fun And Productive Quarantine Activities

These days, being inside and hanging out in your PJs every day isn’t considered lazy anymore, in fact, it’s considered being a responsible citizen. But, as the days and weeks pass, we are all starting to feel a little… trapped. We may be falling into a trap of monotony: the days becoming a haze of binging, whether it’s on Netflix or on snacks. 

But it doesn’t have to be all bad. There are certainly easy ways for you to pass the time doing activities that feel both productive and fun in quarantine, and you can do them while enjoying a toke of your favourite bud. Here are some of our favourite quarantine pastimes that help pass the time and break up the monotony.

Have Fun With Cannabis And Cooking

This quarantine has made us all into chefs, spending more time at home cooking than ever before. Since you’ve already been cooking up a storm, why not use the time to experiment with cannabis-infused meals? There is an abundance of recipes to be found online or order a cookbook with specifically curated cannabis recipes. 


While we don’t know much about the effects that this quarantine and pandemic will have on us, one thing is clear, the uncertainty can be overwhelming. This may be the perfect time to cultivate some mindfulness that will help curb any anxiety you may feel now, or in the future. Meditation while high can be a rewarding experience. 

Pick your favourite strain, find a comfy spot, and sit. If you need more direction, there is a wealth of apps that you can download on your phone to help guide you through your meditation, including Headspace and Calm

Spring Cleaning Your House And Your Weed Accessories

It’s the place you’re spending the most time these days, so why not invest in a little spring cleaning time? This is the perfect time to spruce up and manage your space. Since we are sitting tight inside for the foreseeable future, take this time to slowly knock things off your cleaning list, and these can easily be done while munching on your favourite edible.

We at Calm Collectiv love this easy 30-day spring cleaning guide. Once you’re done you’re house, time to turn your focus to your weed accessories. Let’s be real: when was the last time you washed your bong? It’s probably been a while. So, grab your favourite bud, and go to town on your accessories. Your lungs will thank you later. 

Learn A New Language 

We’re not on board with the whole “you have to be productive during this quarantine” narrative, but we do think that learning a language could be fun. Download Duolingo on your phone and have some fun learning a new language, or sprucing up a language you’ve let fall by the wayside.

Our tip: check out a language of a country you want to visit, and once we’re all out of quarantine, book a ticket and head over there to flex your new language skills! 

Get Your Craft On

A natural product of getting high is creativity. While you’re indoors, why not take your trip to the next level by incorporating a crafty activity into the mix? From embroidering, woodworking, and sculpting, there are many crafty activities to try out there. To top it off, there are many sites (including SkillShare and Coursera that are offering free memberships and courses on new skills and crafts that you can try, risk-free, in the comfort of your own home.  

Self Care

It’s always nice to treat yourself during these uncertain times. Here is your chance to treat yourself, whether it’s with a CBD-infused bath bomb, or just lighting some candles and reading with a joint in hand, the world is your oyster and you deserve some time to yourself! 

Need some help finding some good self-care products to indulge in during this time? Check out our list of the 10 best cannabis self-care products to brighten up your quarantine with.

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