Vaping CBD: Properly Choosing What You Vape

We’re happy to share our ultimate guide to vaping CBD. In this article, we’ll share our favorite ways to safely source and use CBD vape oils. We’ll also share why it’s important to be thoughtful and smart about what you choose to vape, and some places that we recommend sourcing legit vape cartridges from. 

Vaping CBD is a fun, and quick way to consume CBD. It’s becoming an increasingly popular way to consume and takes only an average of 1-3 minutes to act, this consumption method has an immediate effect of calming anxiety and alleviating any pain that you may be experiencing. It can also go a long way in helping any mood swings or disorders you may be prone to. 

CBD Vaping is a great way to include CBD or marijuana into your life without smoking it or taking in too much THC, which is pretty heavy on the psychoactive components. CBD-based products provide little-to-no “elevating” effects but can provide a myriad of therapeutic benefits. This means that no, vaping CBD oil will not get you high. If you are using a product that is derived from 100% pure hemp, with no added THC, your CBD vape will not get you lifted. 

Before we get started, it’s important that we are all aware of the health and safety aspects of this seeming wonder drug, especially in light of recent vaping-related news. 

This article aims to demystify how CBD vapes work, how to source high-quality CBD vape products and how you can set off vaporizing CBD safely. 

How Does Vaping CBD Work? 

Cannabis vaping guide

First off, yes, you can vape CBD. Vaping is not only reserved for tobacco/nicotine or THC-heavy cannabis. CBD can be consumed in many different ways through many different products, including topicals, tinctures, pills or edibles and finally, vaping (aka inhalation). 

Vaping, in essence, is a smokeless and low-temp way of consuming CBD without putting your health at risk. Depending on your need and reason for consumption, this may be the best way for you to take CBD – it truly is reliant on your own health concerns, needs, and desires. While it is a great method – and slowly becoming a preferred method of many, both THC and CBD vaping comes with its own concerns. 

Firstly, before bringing this into your routine, it’s key to understand the effects of vaping CBD. There is a limited amount of information around the ultimate effects of vaping CBD, but many users have reported that they feel similar effects to consume CBD-infused oils or sublingual tinctures. 

These effects include, but are not limited to: 

  • Relaxation benefits
  • Pain relief
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anxiety relief
  • Depression and other mental health-related relief
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Improved mood benefits

Although there are many benefits to the consumption of CBD via vaping, one must always remember that CBD affects each individual in a different way. That being said, beyond the potential effects, there are several potential benefits that come along with choosing vaping CBD over other consumption methods, including:

  • Less toxic: there is little evidence to back this up, but there is a potential of vaping providing fewer toxins than smoking cannabis raw. Vaping, in general, may contain fewer carcinogens than traditional methods of smoking. 
  • Better precision: controlling your dosage is easier when it comes to CBD vaping and can be beneficial for those who are using CBD vaping to manage pain or other health conditions. 
  • Keeping the integrity of your flower: when you smoke cannabis, you can scorch away most of the cannabinoid present. Vaping keeps anywhere from 60-90% of the cannabinoid and reduces waste and cannabinoid loss. 
  • Instantaneous: having a faster-acting option for those who need the effects in a timely manner, vaping CBD can typically impact the individual within 1-3 minutes and can last anywhere between 1-3 hours.

Health Risks

Vaping marijuana

We’re sure you’ve heard the recent news surrounding vaping and vaping products. There have been hundreds of stories permeating the news cycle referring to the potential health risks that are being associated with vaping, and specifically around tainted cannabis and nicotine products on the market. 

Health officials have isolated what the potential culprit of the unexpected lung disease may be: a form of vitamin e acetate being added to illegal marijuana products. These products have infiltrated the underground, or unregulated market – making the case for safely and correctly sourcing your vaping products even more important. This has been the first reported health scare around vaping, and since it is such a new form of consumption, the long term health impacts are still fully unknown. 

That being said, while vaping is a great way to consume, there is definitely a potential risk that is associated with vaping. You are best advised to avoid cannabis products that include any of the following: vitamin E acetate, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine or MCT-coconut oil. All of these are unsafe to inhale – propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are at the top of the list for negative side effects as they become carcinogenic when heated. Thanks to these ingredients being added, those dreamy health benefits of vaping CBD products are immediate negated, and you’re put in risk. 

Sourcing Safe Products

Cannabis legalization

So, how do you ensure that you are choosing the right products that won’t impact your health or land you in the hospital? By sourcing verified CBD vape cartridges (aka CBD vape juice) you can ensure that the products you consume are safe. Use these simple recommendations to make sure that you’re picking what’s best for you:

  1. Brand matters. In the emerging cannabis space, choosing the right brand matters. A brand’s reputation and legitimacy can ensure the quality. If a company is open and transparent about their quality, that’s a good sign. Source brands that aren’t putting random isolates into wellness or vaping products. 
  2. Farm-to-Shelf: CBD consumers should look for companies that have a large say in the “farm-to-shelf” process. If the producer has a relationship with their growers, that’s a good sign that they are very much involved in the entire cycle of production. 
  3. Avoid “Cutting” Agents: Note which ingredients are being used in your vaping oils. These includes vitamin E acetate, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine or MCT-coconut oil. Many producers believe that cutting their oils with these agents will help make their product flow better – but the actual impacts of these agents on our bodies, and respiratory systems are still yet to be known.  
  4. Demand a COA: a COA or a certificate of analysis, is proof that a third party, independent testing lab as done it’s due diligence and has tested the product you’re about to buy. This will include things such as potency, contaminants and pesticides (if any) 
  5. Batch numbers matter: Keep a lookout for the batch number of the CBD vaping product that you’re about to buy. The COA will include this. 
  6. Keep away from Hemp seed oil! This is not the same as CBD oil, and big organizations are marketing hemp seed oil as equivalent to CBD oil – which it is not, and it is closer to olive oil than anything else. Not something you’d like to be inhaling! 

Bonus: look for a company that has been in the game for more than three years. This can make you certain that the company and product has legs! With so many cannabis companies popping up over night, three years shows that they are in the game, for real. This can also provide you with the assurance that these companies are using good manufacturing practice or GMPs. 

Educate! Educate! Educate!

Cannabis education

There are many ways that you can ensure that you are being smart about your vaping, especially if you’re just starting off. The number one source that we can suggest is education. Making sure that you are taking the steps necessary to understand what you are consuming and staying on top of the daily cannabis news. Bookmarking sites like ours and important cannabis resource sites such as MG Magazine, Project CBD and Edibles List magazine

Now you’re equipped with all the basics of vaping CBD – go forth and use this power for good! Vape safely, friends.

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