Cannabis Edibles, In Which Provinces Are They Currently Available?

When Canada legalized recreational cannabis in 2018, the only cannabis product that could legally be sold was cannabis flower. On October 12, 2019, regulations were relaxed to allow the sale of edibles, concentrates, and other products – however, edibles weren’t actually immediately available. Now, several months later, edibles have finally made their way to dispensaries, although availability varies from province to province. Here’s how it works:


Edibles are on their way in Ontario, but they’re taking their time – these products won’t hit shelves until early January. And speaking of shelves, there will be more dispensaries and retailers soon. Starting in April, the province will be issuing licenses to 20 more shops per month. This is great news, since while Ontario is the most populous province in Canada, it currently only has 24 legal weed vendors.

British Columbia

In B.C., edibles have hit shelves right on schedule – however, there are some supply issues. Many shops ran out of stock in just days.


Edibles are on the way, but they’re not here yet. Because of the time it takes to order, ship, and process the products, they won’t be available until mid-January. Not much longer!


In Saskatchewan, edibles have been available since December 16.


Edibles are available in Manitoba. However, take note that it is illegal to consume edibles in public places (but technically, not illegal to be high if you consumed them somewhere else).

Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, a small selection of edibles is available, but there aren’t any baked gods yet. Starting January 6, residents of this province will be able to order their edibles online.


Edibles such as chocolate, gummies, hard candy, and baked goods are all available in Newfoundland. In 2020, teas and carbonated beverages will start being sold.

New Brunswick

Edibles are now available in New Brunswick in a multitude of forms – cookies, chocolates, candies, gummies, tinctures, and even cereals. They can also be ordered via the mail.

Prince Edward Island

P.E.I. won’t get edibles quite as early as expected. Purchase orders for edibles weren’t sent out until December 17, which means they probably won’t hit shelves for another month. Hopefully, they’ll be available in mid-January.


Unfortunately, edibles don’t seem to be anywhere on the horizon in this province. Lionel Carmant, Quebec’s junior health minister, has stated in an interview that “the first thing we need to take care [of] is our public health before economical issues.” So, many types of popular edible cannabis, such as brownies, gummies and other candies, and baked goods will be banned. However, products that don’t appeal to children, such as cannabis oil and butter, will be allowed, as well as some beverages. These will likely become available on or around January 1st, 2020.

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