Finally, a safe place to KEEP your cannabis.

Although the cannabis industry is still in its infancy, a lot has happened this year – including the creation of some seriously cool products and brands. One product that we here at Calm Collectiv are super excited about is KEEP.

We know that somewhere along the way either yourself or someone you love (or at least can stand to be in the presence of) has stored their cannabis in everything from a mason jar to a shoebox (I’m sure there are probably worse places, but we don’t need to talk about those). With legalization, these times have passed. We can be classy now, people. Introducing KEEP.

KEEP Labs is a brand-new Canadian tech company which has created a market for at-home cannabis security. With the launch of KEEP, they are filling that market demand. KEEP will be the first smart storage device that is designed to keep your cannabis safe and discreet at home. Not only does KEEP safely stash your cannabis away from your children, pets, or your cheap friends, it also keeps your cannabis fresh.

What’s even better is that KEEP is beautiful… really. Its design is so sophisticated that you would never guess what it holds inside. To back us up on this claim, KEEP actually won a CES (Consumer Electronics Show) award from the Consumer Technology Association which is the “global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.” Each detail of KEEP was thoroughly thought out, from its rolling tray, to its internal containers, there is even an area designated for your many accessories. No more of that ridiculous, bulky packaging (thank you Canada), because you can now store and organize your strains. Further, the hermetic seal keeps odors in while also maintaining temperature and humidity levels for optimal freshness.

KEEP uses facial recognition technology with WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity which allows users to lock or unlock the device with a look or a touch. This security will give users peace of mind to know that their cannabis is safe.

The founders of KEEP are three dads who say they arrived at the idea as concerned parents. They took their idea to Kickstarter where it was brought to life, at least initially. Kickstarter ended up giving KEEP the boot due to the stigma that continues to exist about the cannabis industry. KEEP now crowd funds on their own and has a long list of customers waiting to grab their KEEP box.

We know that innovation will be the driver of our industry as it begins to mature and as prohibition lifts across the world. KEEP was able to bring together technology and design to solve an actual problem that consumers face today. It’s innovation and ideas like these that will bring our industry forward and will end the stigma that unfortunately still exists today.

All this to say, it’s time to say goodbye to crispy, dry weed, and hello to fresh bud with a side of sophistication. 

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