Best Weed Strains for Fall

Ahh, the smell of fall. The leaves changing colours, the crisp cool air and pumpkin spiced lattes have descended upon us. Fall inspires coziness, warmth and chill vibes. But we all know the best part of autumn – spending a nice afternoon, hanging out and having a great smoke session. Why not make the next couple of months even cozier by taking some time to explore a new set of seasonal weed strains? 

Just like your favourite beers or fruits, there can be a seasonality to weed. Different vibes for different times! In honour of this season change, check out our top five favourite fall weed strains: 

Cherry Pie

First on our list is Cherry Pie. A primarily hybrid strain descended from Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple, this strain evokes smells of delicious cherry pie. The name itself is warming and reminds us of one of our favourite holidays: Thanksgiving! Covered from by head-to-toe with reddish-orange hairs mixed in with purple-tinged leaves, Cherry pie brings a fun, uplifted and cheery high and helps keep the anxiety at bay. A mix of both Indica and Sativa, this strain is also known for inspiring creativity, so have your favourite creative activity on hand when indulging! 

Maple Leaf Indica

Oh, Canada! Originating from the Afghani line, this Indica strain is counted as one of the best strains for fall weather. The name alone evokes thoughts of beautiful forest walks and changing leaf colours, and the taste of the strain is a beautiful mix of citrusy-sweet tang and a deep smell of incense. It’s a great way to relax and chill, creating a nice calming body buzz. Consider hanging out at home on a chilly day and binge-watching your favourite show, or movie (did someone say Lord of the Rings extended editions?). 

Ghost OG

We’re in the spookiest season, so we definitely couldn’t forget this strain! Ghost OG is a phenotype of OG Kush and is pretty uncomparable when it comes to stress-relief. A strain bringing a beautiful balance of Sativa and Indica, Ghost OG is intense but allows you to be high-functioning so you can do all the spooky and scary things you love during this time of year. 

Need some inspiration while deciding on your Halloween costume? This strain inspires creativity and can help relieve pain and alleviate stress.

Jack Frost

Brrrr! As the temperature drops and things start to get a little more frosty, why not cozy up with this fun strain and get uplifted? Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a real thing that many suffer with and the blues can start to come on just as the temperature drops, but this strain can help you feel energized and uplifted, inspiring exciting cerebral highs. Descending from the strain Jack Herer, Jack Frost packs a punch. Take a few hits, head outside and hang with some friends and shake of those incoming blues!


Last but not least is Candyland, a fun Sativa strain known for its gold medal at 2012’s KushCon. Named after the classic children’s game and part of the beloved cookies family, Candyland is a welcomed addition to any session this fall. 

This strain helps relieve tension, minor pains and can create uplifting, cerebral highs that pair perfectly with social gatherings (maybe even a tough Thanksgiving dinner with that uncomfy awkward uncle of yours?) or can help stimulate intense creativity. 

These are our Top Picks for the Best Strains to Smoke this Fall

You may be new to the idea of trying out new strains each season, but “seasonal strains” are indeed a real and important thing! If you’re feeling adventurous this season and want to try something new, we encourage you to give these five favourites a try and expand your repertoire.

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