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Cannabis And Meditation: Elevating Your Mind And Your Soul

At Calm Collectiv, we try and look at every possible way you can combine cannabis into your daily lives. From understanding cannabis’ effect on your creativity [LINK], how to use cannabis with your yoga practice [LINK] and adding weed to your workout routine [LINK] we can see positive benefits permeating every part of your life. Another interesting relationship is the one between cannabis and meditation.

As meditation becomes increasingly popular as a way to manage stress, aid in mindfulness and increase happiness, people are beginning to notice its remarkable effects on the body and mind. From wellness to physiological, mediation is known to have positive effects that extend to every part of life. Coupling that with cannabis, meditation can help expand your mind and help your body manage stress and other physiological responses. 

Cannabis And Meditation: The Building Blocks

cannabis and meditation

To begin understanding the complex relationship between cannabis and meditation, let’s start by understanding the basics of meditation. An ancient practice that allows you to find space in an increasingly busy life, meditation has allowed people to deal with stress and find balance through simply sitting or laying on the floor and retreating into your mind. Truly, all one needs to practice meditation is a peaceful place free of distractions and the resolve to practice and stay kind when your thoughts may get away from you. 

There are many different types of mediation that exist out there in the world, and when you are just starting out, consider trying out the following before jumping into something a bit more advanced. If you’re already at a more advanced level of meditation, check out this list of different, more intense methods. 

Concentration Meditation

The basis of this practice is to focus on one specific thing. Traditionally, people focus on their breath, repeating a mantra, or count the beads on a string of mala (otherwise known as prayer beads). The goal is to center the mind; this can be difficult for a beginner, so try to be kind to yourself if you get distracted. 

Mindfulness Meditation

This form of meditation is one that embraces the distraction. By allowing thoughts to free flow naturally, without you forcing them, and dealing with them as they come, you can learn to detach yourself from thoughts, feelings, and actions. This method helps you observe your thoughts and the patterns we all hold with no judgment. Through practicing non-judgment, we can learn how to find inner peace and self-acceptance.

Cultivation of Compassion Meditation

Most often used by practicing Buddhist monks and nuns, this method of beginner meditation helps you undo the impacts of negative events from your past. Through recalling the moment and negative emotions, you can sit with them and learn to transform and change the bad emotions that are tied to the specific event, and replace them with unyielding compassion for the self. 

The main thing to remember is: meditation gets easier with time. Now that you have the fundamentals down, onto the best part: bringing cannabis into your burgeoning meditation practice. 

Cannabis And Meditation

Cannabis And Meditation

Seemingly, the two belong together. The ability to expand your mind, find balance and grow your inner worlds through meditation practice can be amplified tenfold when coupling it with weed.  

Separately, cannabis and mediation (and yoga as well) can really help you manage life’s natural ups and downs including:  

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Chronic physiological pains
  • Digestion Issues
  • Stress and hypertension

So imagine joining the two together? Truly, meditation and cannabis not only complement each other but also help to strengthen and amplify their respective benefits. 

Bringing cannabis or any iteration of the plant into an intensely personal and transformative experience such as meditation can be a lot for many people, so choosing the right strain would be the best place to start. 

We suggest using a gentle, easygoing and awe-inspiring indica strain that will keep you mellow and uninhibited. Relaxation is the key here, so while it can be uplifting, a Sativa strain can take away focus from the goal of your practice. 

Focus Is The Goal

Meditation with cannabis

Using a form of cannabis that contains too much THC can knock you off your game – so try to find a strain that is light on THC. This will help keep focus and keep your mind from wandering astray. 

Another way to ensure that you keep focus through your practice is by making sure you have the right dosage. We suggest you choose an indica strain that is more on the medium-to-strong end that can help bring about deep states of stillness, calm and clarity, allowing you to keep awareness without bringing you down. 

As we all know, every strain, every way you consume will hit you differently. Before going straight into mediation while high, try to test out what works best for you. Finding that sweet spot may take some time, but will be worth it in the end. 

A Match That Doesn’t Fit Everyone

Mediation is a great practice to take on and is known to have a myriad of positive outcomes. While it may be fun to try once in a while, coupling mediation with cannabis may not be for you. Even if you get the dosage right, you may still not be able to focus. 

For many others though, bringing the two together can reap great benefits for both your mind and your body. The best, and fastest way, to figure out if this is for you is to smoke, vape or consume a bit of indica while sitting in a meditation posture of your liking and see how it affects you. 

Good luck and happy meditation!

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