Cannabis Gifts 2019 – Part 2!

Still hunting down the perfect cannabis gifts for that loved one? We’re only two weeks away from the merriest time of the year – so the crunch time is officially here. Before you panic, never fear, we are here to help you choose the perfect gift for the cannabis enthusiast in your life.

All these gifts are still available for you to order, and can arrive at your door just in time for Christmas Eve! 

Cannabis Gifts Part 2:

From gummies to grinders, check out our first Holiday Gift Guide here

WINK x flowr FUEL

This year, gift the gift of elevation! Meet the WINK x flowr FUEL, a limited edition Sativa-dominant hybrid batch. Grown in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, this pack contains two pre-rolled joints in a little carrying case. 

This year, gift the gift of elevation! Meet the WINK x flowr FUEL, a limited edition Sativa-dominant hybrid batch. Grown in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, this pack contains two pre-rolled joints in a little carrying case. 

A mix of the beloved Sour Diesel and OG Kush, this strain is a unique blend with a distinct diesel/gas aroma and citrus, earthy undertones. 

Cost: $26.75 CAD

Tokyo Smoke Heirloom Stack Pipe

In true Tokyo Smoke style, this pipe isn’t only just a pipe. In one product, you have an ashtray, grinder, and pipe to smoke your favourite dried flower. This cannabis tool is the perfect mix of function and form, in true Tokyo Smoke style. 

Delicate, stunning and sleek, this pipe has been designed in collaboration with Castor, this stunning stack of rose glass provides a one-stop grind, pack and sesh station for any of your classy, luxury-loving marijuana enthusiasts. 

Cost: $195.00 CAD

The Little Book of Cannabis

Bust some myths around cannabis with this fun, new book by journalist Amanda Siebert. Helping you learn a little bit about your favourite substance, this book delves deep into the latest research around this intoxicating flower, helping to uncover ten evidence-based ways that this plant can improve your life. Some of the things that this book will help the inquisitive people in your life uncover include: 

  • Can cannabis help you sleep better? 
  • Can cannabis help you lose weight? How does it impact exercise? 
  • Is cannabis really a cureall and can it help cure diseases like cancer?

This book is the perfect addition to any bookshelf and will help you and your loved ones understand this complex, potent little herb a little better. Great as the main star or a stocking stuffer. Grab yours today! 

Cost: $14.80 CAD

Pax 3 Vaporizer

While on the higher-end of our budgets, this vaporizer is sleek, streamlined and efficient. The Pax 3 is battery-powered and can slip right into your pocket. This is a great option for those who are seeking out an on-the-go experience, without the combustion. You can use it for vaping both dry cannabis and concentrates. Bonus: this little gadget comes with a handy phone app that helps you customize the experience. 

Pick your loved one’s colour of choice and get vaping! For both the new and experienced cannabis enthusiast.  

Cost: $249.99 CAD

Malua Concrete Weed Stash Box

Two compartments, tight seal, this may be the perfect stash box to add to give to a friend or a family member… or even yourself! A sleek cannister that not only looks nice (and will be discreet in your home) but also helps you keep your favourite strains airtight and fresh, all the way into the new year. Get it in black or in marble with a walnut lid for extra sealing power. 

Cost: $35.00 CAD

Cannabolish Odor Removing Set

While the cannabis product market is booming like crazy, there still are very few advancements being made in the area of cannabis odors. The smells left behind can be off-putting, or a minor annoyance for many. Grab this set if you’re looking for a natural, minty clean way to dispel any smells post-smoking-sesh. 

Made from natural plant oils and water, Cannaboilish is effective and discreet, removing the scent of smoke in the air, fabrics, and spaces around you, and is safe to use around your plant babies and real babies too. 

This set contains a home spray, travel spray, and a candle. 

Cost: $29.99 CAD


The holiday season comes with a lot of its own anxieties and stressors. Share the gift of calm with your loved ones with Toronto-based company, Calyx Wellness’ CBD-infused tincture. Built for giving peace of mind and treating chronic pain, this tincture is like a multivitamin: only a drop a day can help keep both your immune system (to fight cold and flu season) and mood up to help you through the holidays. 

Cost: $41.00 CAD

A-OK Party Tube

Pack light, pack tight. This doob-tube is small but mighty and holds 4 pre-rolled joints. Discreet and with a seal so tight that it traps in odors, this is the perfect add-on gift for your stoner friend who is always on the go. Help them go in style! 

Cost: $18.00 CAD

High & Dry Mouthwatering Lozenges 

Ever had the buzz-killing cottonmouth that comes with some strains? Us too. That’s why we love these mouth lozenges so much! Combat cottonmouth with these naturally-flavored, non-GMO lozenges from Allume, one of Canada’s leading cannabis lifestyle shops. One pack includes blueberry, strawberry, lemon, and apple. On top of being delicious, they’re gluten and sugar-free, perfect for the celiac or diabetic in your life. 

It’s one indulgence that you can have for this holiday season with no guilt! 

Cost: $9.99 CAD

MOTA Christmas Box

Share the gift of a sweet high with your loved ones this holiday season and show up to the Xmas dinner ready for fun with the MOTA Christmas Box. This box features some delicious edibles from our friends over at MOTA, a Canadian company that promotes Vancouver Island traditions in every product. 

The best part about this Christmas Box? The mix of CBD-infused edibles and the bath bombs will give the recipient of this great gift a chance to chill out and unwind, giving the gift of self-care and elevation that will last them through to the next year. 

True, the box is a little pricey, but it is one of those cannabis gifts that can keep giving!

Cost: $100.00 CAD

KEEP Home Storage Stash Box

For the design-forward weed connoisseur, this gift is a must-have! KEEP is a smart, discreet storage box designed to cleverly organize, store and keep your stash fresh. Fusing together style and technology, KEEP is personalized to you or your loved one: with a biometric layer of protection, including facial recognition tech and push notifications to your phone (if any unwanted guests try to snag a bit of your stash). This sleek storage unit can also connect to your phone and you can access and manage your KEEP box from anywhere in the world – as long as you’re connected to WIFI. 

This product isn’t launched yet – but you can treat a special person in your life (or yourself… just sayin’!) and preorder your own… and it’s on sale! 

Cost: $199 CAD

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