Micro-dosing With Weed: The Definitive Guide To Partaking Without The High

Typically, microdosing refers to the process of ingesting small, measured amounts of psychedelics such as LSD or magic mushrooms. In large quantities, these drugs can be quite debilitating, but when one microdoses, rather — take them in in small, recreational-sized doses, they can access the benefits of the drugs, without the extreme highs. But, can cannabis users experience the same from pot? Can microdosing work with cannabis and will it change the way that you get high? Our guide aims to outline the best ways for you to microdose with cannabis and demystifies all aspects of the concept. Read on to learn more. 

What is Microdosing? 

Cannabis micro-dosing

The basic principle of microdosing is pretty simple. Sometimes we want to only enjoy specific aspects of a drug. When it comes to psychedelics, we can take smaller amounts to just experience the sensations of euphoria, well-being, and overall happiness, foregoing the more extreme, debilitating effects such as hallucinations. Taking only a fraction of a normal dose of a drug can bring about what is called “sub-perceptual,” or a dose that is way below the threshold where you’d actually notice the effects. 

Ultimately, microdosing takes away the “trip” and provides you with a level of enjoyment while still being able to navigate and enjoy life. In some cases, microdosing can even help you improve focus, and also deal with chronic pain and mental health symptoms, including anxiety and depression while giving you the ability to go about your day-to-day as usual This is a great option for those who depend on cannabis to go about their daily lives but prefer to not be stoned all the time. In many cases, doctors have noticed that patients can even see better results with a lower dosage of cannabis. 

In the past, microdosing was only associated with LSD. As legalization has become a big part of the cannabis dialogue, medical experts are considering the potential that lower THC doses have for their patients. 

Who is Microdosing for? 

Micro dosing principle

Lower-dosage cannabis is hitting the markets as more people use it, but it means that THC-levels in cannabis are trending downwards, to appeal to more inexperienced users. But, this is not a bad thing for the more veteran users: they can stay medicated, happy and productive while choosing to use products that contain a lower level of THC, or just a lower dose in general.  

If you’ve been enjoying cannabis for a long time, microdosing could help you temper your weed tolerance and push you towards lowering your intake to a more manageable level.

As mentioned above, a large majority of users depend on cannabis to help deal with a myriad of physical and mental health issues. According to the National Institute of Mental Health in the USA, anxiety-related disorders affect up to 19.1% of adults in any given year, and roughly 31% of adults in America are at risk of experiencing an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives. Instead of plying themselves with more prescription drugs to help manage these issues, many are turning to cannabis as a reliable and effective treatment option. This doesn’t stop at mental health either. We’re seeing many people turn to cannabis to help manage any physical or chronic illnesses.  

The Benefits of Microdosing

THC-levels in micro-dosing

Using smaller amounts daily can lead to a number of different scenarios depending on your use, need, and lifestyle. Say you’re a creative or a professional, microdosing can inspire focus and creativity without taking away the drive. For any type of person, microdosing can provide relief and relaxation, helping you to unwind after a tough day at work. 

Here are some broader benefits of microdosing cannabis:

  • Insomnia: We know that in a general sense, marijuana is a great way to manage insomnia. Microdosing helps you enjoy marijuana without the risk of couchlock, which is quite debilitating if you plan on going about a normal day. Microdosing can help avoid that by just giving you the right amount of high to help you relax and ease into an organic and natural sleep.
  • Pain & Inflammation Management: Sufferers of chronic body pain can use tiny hits of THC to help manage pain. Microdosing helps to activate your endocannabinoid system, leading to many pain-relieving benefits without the high, according to this study
  • Nausea: With smaller, microdoses of cannabis you can help manage nausea. Studies have shown that those who are going through chemotherapy can treat and decrease the feeling of nausea – better than any other pharmaceutical alternative.

How to Consume Cannabis for Microdosing Benefits

Here are the best ways to consume cannabis in a microdosing fashion. 

  • Smoking: a classic way to get high, this tends to be the absolute worst way to microdose. It’s tough to find a balance and get a precise measurement of how much you’re consuming (which is the point of microdosing) and it hits you very fast.
  • Edibles: a good way to microdose since you know how much you are taking in… but a gradual high. 
  • Vaping: Second best option following edibles, you can get a more accurate measurement of how much you’re consuming (unlike with smoking) and the effects are immediate. Now, more than ever, there exist plenty of oils and other vape kits on the market to try out. 

What are the Downsides of Microdosing?

So far, everything sounds peachy, when it comes to microdosing… you’d be a fool to not try it right? But what are the disadvantages of using cannabis in this fashion? 

Medically, there are a lot of positive benefits to microdosing. Smaller, tinier hits of THC can offer maximum benefits from just a minimum amount. You can treat your conditions but also go about your daily activities as normal, and there is the added benefit of saving money since you’re not using as much as you normally would! 

Gauging the Right Microdosing Amounts

The only issue would be to find a dosage that works best for you. Many resources give out a more general dosage amount, but truly, the “best” dose for you varies on your need, use, and tolerance. While 2 or 2.5 milligrams would be the sweet spot for one person, it could be ineffective to you. To find the right dosage to fit your lifestyle, start off as low as possible. If you need more, build up. Different consumption methods can also provide different effects, so be mindful of how much you take and what form you take it in. 

To make sure you’re taking the best care of yourself, take time to ask yourself the following questions before indulging: 

  • How am I feeling today? 
  • Is it easy for me to breathe? 
  • Does my body feel calm, comfortable and safe? 

It’s helpful to put a number on a scale of 1-10 on each of these questions. Once you partake in the microdose, wait a little bit of time and revisit those questions. Note if there is a substantial change in the numbered scores day-by-day; if no change exists, then slowly increase your dosage by one mg, and continue this method until your scores change. Check-in with those easy questions above and from there keep improving and adjusting as you see fit to make sure you’re having the best and most effective high while microdosing. 

All in all, moderation is key, right? Trying out a new trend like microdosing can help you manage and enjoy your highs a bit better, and gain an overall better experience from your trips… without truly tripping. Try it out today – and take time to listen to your body and your needs to find that perfect dose that will give you all the benefits of THC and cannabis without the psychoactive effects.

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