Do Cannabis Seeds Have Health Benefits?

Cannabis consumption comes in every form imaginable. In the last few years, we’ve seen a myriad of ways that Cannabis can be enjoyed: CBD oil, edibles, vapes, and tinctures. One that is often overlooked, despite its abundant benefits, is Cannabis seeds.

You’ve probably never thought to eat raw cannabis, but thanks to the introduction of THC to you through edibles, the idea of consuming Cannabis – raw or not, doesn’t seem like such a long shot. Many, if not all, hemp seed products are Canadian grown and manufactured, and many brands are creating fun, interesting ways to consume this easy-to-eat snack. 

From eating a handful on-the-go to sprinkling hemp hearts on your morning cereal, yogurt or by adding them to smoothies and salads, you can easily incorporate this nutrient-rich seed into your diet. 

Read more below to see where Cannabis seeds can help you be healthier and better: 


Your digestive system is key, not only to a healthy body but to overall higher quality of life, and consuming a high amount of fiber is key to maintaining it. Enter Cannabis seeds: by consuming roughage (a fancy term for fiber) or Sativa seeds, you can ensure a well-running digestive system, and help relieve constipation. 

Cardiovascular Health

Health benefits of cannabis

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Cannabis seeds can help your body produce more nitric oxide, helping your blood vessels to dilate with ease. Cannabis seeds are also high in gamma-linoleic acid, which helps reduce inflammation in the heart and in the joints and muscles due to healthy fat consumption. If you suffer from blood pressure problems, this could be very helpful to you! 

Alleviate PMS and Menopause Symptoms

PMS and Menopause are a natural part of life for women. Both the stress and the pain that they can often bring can be severely debilitating for many women.  Yet, as we understand more about these parts of the female life cycle, we are understanding ways to alleviate and help reduce symptoms. 

Studies have found that women who suffer from PMS-related stress have a sensitivity to prolactin. The gamma-linolenic acid in Cannabis seeds can help increase the production of prostaglandin E1, which helps counter the negative side effects of a prolactin sensitivity. Worth a shot! 


CBD effect

CBD has countless properties that help ward off aging. Specifically for skin, Cannabis seeds can help promote healthier, younger-looking skin. These seeds contain natural fatty acids that help fight off inflammation, dryness, and itchiness. 

There are also some positive signs found by dermatologists indicating Cannabis seeds can help treat skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. 

Hump seed uses

Cannabis has many permutations, and it’s one of the easier ones to incorporate into your diet. To start, consider buying shelled hemp or cannabis seeds from your local bulk food store and simply add them to your diet. From topping up your yogurts or salads with seeds to adding them to your smoothies, starting small can help produce longer, sustained change and can help your overall nutrition and wellness. 

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