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Things To Do While High

Using cannabis can alter your perception in a variety of ways. You may feel a sense of euphoria, or deep relaxation. Things get funnier. Your perception of time may change. Colors may appear more vibrant, visual stimuli may seem more detailed and interesting, and physical sensations may change or become more intense. You might even experience some level of synesthesia. And then – of course – there are the munchies. With all these variations in the sensations you experience, everyday activities get a little (or a lot) more interesting. Here are some things to do while high.

Go Outside

A heightened appreciation for beauty comes along with the increased vibrancy of colors and the perceived increase in visual detail. Assuming you aren’t too high to get off the couch, go enjoy a walk in the areas around your house, or maybe even go on a hike. If you start out from a campsite instead of home, even better – just make sure you don’t get lost.

Eat Weird Food

Everyone knows that munchies are a side effect of marijuana. Foods that you already like will often taste even better high, but you may also find that things taste different. Flavor combinations that you might find strange or even unpleasant while sober might suddenly taste like the nectar of the gods. Pickle/cream cheese/salmon bagel sandwiches, sweet frosted cookies combined with sour candy… The list goes on. Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.

Go To A Concert

At its most basic level, music is essentially feelings and emotions combined with structured sounds. Cannabis can heighten your empathy as well as your senses, which puts you in a state to enjoy music on a level that you never have before. So, assuming you’re comfortable in crowded, public spaces while using cannabis, go to a concert. Close your eyes, enjoy the music, and dance if you like to. 

Watch An Awful, Awful Movie

Something with terrible ratings, bad reviews, and an awkward, perhaps cringey trailer. Laugh at the humor that doesn’t land. Crack jokes with your friends. Think about how the actors must have felt reading the poorly-written script. Just make sure you pick your movie out ahead of time. You don’t want to be locked to the couch, wasting your high sifting through movies on a streaming service and trying to find something watchable.

Have Sex!

I know, it’s usually plenty of fun sober, anyway – but if you haven’t tried stoned sex… well, just give it a try. Trust me. Cannabis can change and amplify sensations, which can make already-intense feelings even more so. Of course, cannabis can also heighten anxiety in unfamiliar situations, so this is an experience that might be better shared with a close, familiar partner rather than a casual one. If you don’t have anyone like that, it can still be a lot of fun solo.

Create Something

The stoner-musician stereotype exists for a reason. Cannabis can help increase your creativity… or at least help you think about things differently, which amounts to more or less the same thing. If you’re normally creative – a writer, artist, musician, dancer, or anything else – you should definitely give it a try while high. If you’re not usually creative, I highly recommend doing it anyway. Sativa strains are usually more energetic and less likely to leave you couch-locked, so you may prefer that type of cannabis for this sort of activity.

Have A Conversation

Cannabis helps you think in new ways, and enhances your imagination. If you’re using cannabis with friends, these two effects can lead to some extremely interesting conversations. They might be absurd, silly, and amusing, or they might be deep and thoughtful, or a combination of both. Either way, something about cannabis opens up conversations in some interesting ways. 

Play Some Video Games

With their interactivity, visuals, sounds, soundtracks, and stories, video games are already one of the most multisensory forms of home entertainment. It makes sense that when using cannabis, the game’s world seems to become deeper and more detailed. Stockpile some snacks and water, turn out the lights, and enjoy. 

Alternatively, Read A Book

The reasons that books are awesome when high are much the same; books have the power to stimulate all of your senses, using your imagination as a middleman. With cannabis, books’ ability to transport you to another world becomes even more effective.

This list is by no means comprehensive. Chances are, if you enjoy doing something sober, you’ll usually enjoy doing it high. Smoke responsibly and find your own favorite things to do while high!

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